Projects related to FreeRADIUS

This page lists a number of projects and products related to FreeRADIUS that may be useful to system administrators. For more up to date information, please see the Wiki.

Reference Books and Articles

RADIUS LDAP O'Reilly has produced two books that mention FreeRADIUS. The first is the official RADIUS book, and the second is the LDAP System Administration book. The RADIUS book covers a fair amount of material, and is recommended to anyone new to the RADIUS protocol. The LDAP book has a chapter on configuring FreeRADIUS to work with LDAP, and is recommended anyone using that configuration.

Everyone using RADIUS should probably also read the Papers and Security Briefs on the RADIUS Protocol. Those papers cover technical matters related to RADIUS security, and also describe some best practices for RADIUS security.

Administration Interfaces

The server comes with Dialup Admin, a PHP web interface to SQL and LDAP databases for administering RADIUS users and policies. Since the server configuration (radiusd.conf) changes much less often than the user configuration, there is no GUI for editing the files in the raddb/ directory.

There's another web administration interface called ARA (from ASN Radius Admin). screenshots

RADIUS Clients and Servers

A PAM module to authenticate local users to a RADIUS server.
An Apache module that authenticates users to a RADIUS server.
Open Source RADIUS Servers
A number of RADIUS servers have been made available over the years. This page lists the ones we know about.


Other projects using FreeRADIUS


Companies supporting FreeRADIUS

A number of companies offer services assocated with FreeRADIUS. They are listed on a separate page.

Commercial RADIUS Servers

There are a large number of commercial RADIUS servers. We won't list them here, because you're probably interested in Free Software and Open Source.