Version 3

The "stable" of FreeRADIUS is version 3. The goal of this version is stability. Version 3 introduces a number of major changes over Version 2. The debugging output is clearer (and colorized!), more errors are found while the configuration files are parsed instead of at run-time, RADIUS over TLS (i.e. RadSec) and RADIUS over TCP are supported. The raddb/ directory has been re-arranged so that files are easier to find.

The releases are signed with this PGP key (old).

Upgrading from Version 2

The configuration of Version 3 is similar to that of Version 2. That similarity means that most of the documentation for v2 still applies to v3. This includes third-party documentation, the Wiki, etc. However, we do not recommend using a v2 configuration with v3. We do not recommend starting with a v2 configuration, and trying to "tweak" it to be acceptable to v3.

Instead, administrators should start with the default v3 configuration, and gradually add in their local changes. Doing so will ensure that you start off with a working configuration, go to the next step with a working configuration, and end with a working configuration.

The differences between the two versions are documented in the README.rst file distributed with version 3. We recommend that administrators read that file before starting the upgrade process.

Latest Release

17 July 2017 Version 3.0.15 (sig) has been released. The focus of this release is stability and minor bug fixes.

Feature improvements

Bug Fixes